product brochures
for Padua Ceramics (China)
year 2020

Distinctive red-coloured stripe on the left side of Padua’s brochure is one of the key elements that defines the visual system. It is designed to draw your attention to the list of product categories.

The categories – Ornaments, Marble, Cement, Stone, Wood & Opus are rendered in slightly darker reddish hue with the exception of that particular brochure category – highlighted in contrasting, bold white text followed by the collection name neatly positioned below the category. This visual system is purposefully designed with two objectives – first, to provide a textual hierarchy and second, to accommodate a subtle way of educating consumers about Padua’s product structure and categorization system.

Visuals direction for all brochures are curated following this formula – the cover features close up visuals of each collection’s inspiration in their natural setting, followed by a two page spread of broader view – hinting at the geographical setting each inspiration dwells.

STONE Enzo features visually striking stone formation of a mountain followed by an alpine forest and lake landscape view.

Quote marks are positioned in various formats and opacities throughout the brochure – adding an additional creative touch.

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product brochures
for Padua Ceramics