corporate magazine
for Niro Ceramics (Malaysia)
year 2011

A newsletter may seem like a redundant program in regards to the day-to-day operation but it plays a pivotal role in shaping the workplace environment. In addition to being a medium to disseminate news, events and updates – internal newsletter could also be a fun way of socializing, sharing and ultimately to inculcate a strong company culture.

Moments is the Niro Ceramics’ solution that could help to bridge the workplace hierarchical gap through fun, entertaining yet informative company-wide newsletters. Available in a periodical format – Moments boasts going-on, project updates and so on.

Every Moments issue anchors either on a thematic editorial direction, company’s grand calendar event or specific highlights. Moments #1 cover visual centers around the notion of Niro Ceramics employee’s empowerment – hence the Niro Ceramics’ futsal team featured as the cover for Moments #1 issue.

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