promotion materials
for St.John Passion Concert (Malaysia)
year 2017

BachFest Malaysia, a non-profit organization founded by Prof. David Chin commissioned Leafindex to work on their promotional materials for their St. John Passion Concert – organized and conducted by Prof. David Chin himself in 2017.

Central to the thematic visual, Jesus’ crown of thorns adorns all printed and digital collaterals. The project begins with the execution of a watercolour work depicting the crown of thorns against a passionate red background; somewhat casting an equivocal feeling of melancholy and triumphant – similar to the Bach’s oratorio St. John Passion performed – depicting the short final period of Jesus life – collectively known as ‘the Passion’ narrative according to Christian tradition.

The crown of thorns watercolour piece is then transferred digitally into promotional materials – adapted gracefully evoking a similar mood and feeling with maintained passionate red background colour for all collaterals.